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Andrea is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and fitness instructor based in London and has been teaching for over 9 years.  She competes in fitness competitions and was awarded her Pro Fitness title when she came first in the 'Fitness' category in Los Angeles with the WBFF.  She then went on to compete in the WBFF Pro European Championships in London in the same year where she placed 2nd.

"I am a motivational specialist.  I put the fun into workouts while educating clients on the best exercises to perform with optimum intensity focusing on technique to achieve the results they are looking for.   I don't expect everyone to train to look like a fitness competitor but I do help my clients to have the same focus and motivation to achieve their goals.  I am an example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.  It is possible."

Andrea aims to provide her clients with honest and positive advice combined with nutrition and weight management guidance so you feel and look the best you possibly can.  She is a Health and Wellness coach and offers personal training and affordable online training packages which includes meal planning advice.  She now teaches live classes online throughout the week with 'Team Fit'. 

Feel free to contact Andrea if you have any further questions.

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