How do you get those abs though?!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

How do you get those abs though?

Training the abs has always been my favourite part of my workouts.  The final hurdle that makes you walk out of the gym feeling proud that you have fully completed your epic session. I have good experience with ab training and know it can strengthen and tone your stomach muscles, along with giving you a good posture.  As long as you do it with proper form and you work them consistently you will get great results.  I have recently ditched the crunches and have started to concentrate more on core conditioning such as planks.  Core exercises work the deepest abdominal muscle, the transversus abdominis, whose role is to stabilize the trunk. They generally focus on pulling the waist tighter like a corset, which is actually what the transversus abdominis muscle looks like. 

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Nutrition is also another factor that comes into play when uncovering your abs. ‘Eat clean' are probably words you have heard before.  'Clean' food is food that doesn’t require an ingredients list stuck to the packaging. Food like sweet potato, rice, chicken, fish, lentils and veg should be your staple diet. You will also be surprised, as I was, at how your body fat lowers by changing the type of food you eat and using cooking methods such as boiling, steaming or baking. But remember, once you lose weight through diet, you can’t achieve those defined abs without training the muscles through exercise.