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Weight gain over Christmas? Not me!

Even if you decide to devour the whole pack of mince pies on your own, just because its Christmas Day, here are some tips to add to your daily life from today to ensure those extra #calories do not accumulate into the New Year.

When gaining weight we sometimes just focus on the scales and don’t look at the behaviours that lead us to the extra pounds we gained over the festive period. Paying special attention to those behaviours will help in keeping the calories at bay. It’s like playing a game of football, and not learning the skills you play on the field to get the ball near to the net to score. Tips like these go hand in hand with getting the results you want. So at times like this it’s not about declining that dinner invite or avoiding those crispy roast potatoes, just ensure you balance the bad with the good by increasing your cardio and changing your diet when you are not dining out.


1. WALK, WALK, WALK!!! Ditch the lift and walk up the escalators and stairs. Try it for one day, then go for a second day, then you might as well do it for the rest of the week. Pretend lifts weren't even invented. You can also go for a walk during your lunch break.

2. Write a #fooddiary then analyse the food you consume during the week. Did you know that keeping a food diary is one of the most effective ways to manage your weight. Using apps like myfitnesspal are great to give you nutrient information such as the fat, carbs and protein in a meal. Then you can analyse what you have eaten during the past week in black and white. Seeing all your 'sweet treats' written down on one page can be eye opening.

3. Reduce the stress in your life. Make sure you don’t look at your phone an hour before you go to bed. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and start each day listening to motivational music or speakers while having a good stretching session.

4. Increase your daily water intake. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and keep a bottle of water close to hand throughout the dayfor you to sip on. Make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

5. START NOW! Don’t postpone by saying you will start on Monday or the first day of the month because chances are we will reach Christmas day and you still wouldn’t have started. START TODAY!

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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2021

great tips. thank you

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